Planet of the Blood Demons

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Nastya does not reply to him but allows herself to be urged away.

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She turned a corner and saw his face towering above her into the mists. A giant banner, hanging from the tower which marked the very centre of the planet. It was rotting in the rain, but it was plastic and it was melting slowly so she could still make out many of the details. He had not changed that much since he had held that gun to her chest and pulled the trigger. The few images she had managed to pull up from the terminals showed, among other things, vast crowds gathered in this square.

Nothing much had changed there either. The enthusiasm was just as real, and just as fake. And the man at the top of the tower cared about those below just as little. The Czar an atrophied frame, never present in the real world and worn to dust by the chemical compounds that kept his brain alive so it could live forever in a perfect virtual paradise. The Rabotnik a copy, a mind preserved unchanging in the instant before its death and placed in an everlasting metal frame.

They were just as much man as she was, Nastya thought. She scowled up at the banner. The battleship had ambushed them as Aurora was decelerating, falling towards a stable orbit near the central planets. It had lurched out of the shadow of a moon into their wake. It clearly had no other purpose but that. Ivy estimated that the fuel burnt to accelerate the ship into such a parabolic orbit had probably been three quarters or more of its total mass.

At least that made it easy to predict, if not easy to avoid. They were still trying to figure out how to shift their orbit out of its firing solutions when it attacked.

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Not with fire. With a sudden screech every single transmitter on the entire ship burst into noise. It was as if a thousand voices suddenly screamed in unison, and were joined by more and more voices in a feedback loop that shattered eardrums and shot sparks through the comms until someone managed to hammer the systems down.

Nastya never did translate the message, no matter how many times Jonny threw spanners into the engines or hid in air ducts to scare her or shot her in the stomach; she just gave him the same despising look every time. She claimed to know nothing. It was only Jonny who recognised the system they ended up orbiting, next time they made landfall. He was, after all, the only one who had been there before.

A shard: hundreds of thousands yell in the square surrounding the central tower. They carry angry placards and pictures of the Czar. Blood stains the pavement, iron stains the blood. Shots ring out, first from one side and then from both.

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Doors fly open, computers burn, guards in uniform die. Skeletons are dragged from their beds and shot before they can open their eyes in the bright neon lights of their eternal slumbering place. Some try to flee. GOD wanted them to be free to obey and honor Him out of love and respect and not as mechanical robots.

After GOD and THE WORD made all these Angelic beings, they were trained according to their unique order of intelligence, their particular agility and strength, their quickness to obey and their love and respect for God. They were given special assignments in the universe that showcased their abilities and passions. GOD loved and admired each order of Angels and He observed them perform their duties perfectly. GOD was drawn to one particular Angel covered in colorful gem stones and his name was Lucifer and his gift was all kinds of music.

We do know when Lucifer led the music from inside God he did experience the overflow of the warm waves of love and worship for GOD coming from the billions of Angels. It must have lifted his ego to such a level of pleasure he wanted to feel the pleasure ALL the time and not once in awhile.

Demons In Hell

They will be stuck where the solar systems, universes, stars, moons, planets, comets, black hole, asteroids, nebulae, constellations, etc. Now, for the second batch of Fallen Angels who are the Watcher Angels who were once good but became fallen when they committed a great sin on the Earth. After Adam and Eve fell, God sent these Watcher Angels to show them how to grow food, make houses, start fires to cook and for warmth, nets to fish, dig for metals to make tools, dishes, and weapons, how to make clothes, jewelry, furniture from wood,etc.

Eventually, these good Watcher Angels fell from grace when they lusted after and raped the fair women of earth for pleasure and to have their own families Genesis 6.

Written With Blood: Joshua Dysart On The Demon – Fanboy Planet

Because the wickedness of the fallen watch angels violating the fair women of earth these poor women became pregnant and produced horrible babies that were half-human and half-angel. The fallen angel DNA caused the offspring to be evil and to grow to be 10 to feet tall. The bones of these giants are all over the world!

GOD allowed all this evil to happen because He gave man and the angels a will to do good and stop evil if they chose.