Savage Sales Secrets: 29 Proven Strategies For Profitable Sales

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He opened up a fascinating new world for me when I was a sophomore in college. I worked my way through college selling books door-to-door. Ted was low-keyed with me as a manager. He got me to produce without pressuring me. He showed me how to sell a huge volume without pressuring my customers. The Southwestern Company of Nashville, Tennessee helps college students manage their own sales business during their summer break. We attended a five-day sales school in Nashville. We then relocated to another community in another state, to foster independence and limit distractions. My first summer was in Columbus, Mississippi.

My family was from Michigan. This was my first adventure in the Deep South.

It was the greatest adventure of my young life. After two days of knocking on doors by myself, Ted came to see me. That is when I learned my first Savage Sales Secrets principle. There is nothing harder than door-to-door sales, but Ted made it fun. He also made it Profitable. I learned more in those five summers of selling than I did in six years of college.

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I also graduated with money in the bank, stocks and a car, whereas most of my classmates were deeply in debt. Ted taught me a "soft" approach to a customer. We would always ask who lived next door, so we had a name. We also found out where the kids went to school. We were selling Webster's Dictionary and Student Handbook.

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So the approach went like this: "Hi, Mrs. I'm Steve Savage. I'm calling on the folks whose kids go to Washington Elementary. Do you have a place we could sit down? About half the time we sat down. If not, we just chatted standing up.

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In either case, we were relaxed. Ted also taught me how to make a "soft" presentation. The best way to do that is to ask a lot of questions. That way the customer is engaged. What is his best subject? What is his toughest subject? Who is Johnny's favorite teacher? Do you know Mrs. Smith next door?

She liked this section because she thought it would help Susie with her math. When we came to the close, we always gave the customer a choice between "yes" and "yes. If it would be easier, you can wait and I'll deliver them to you at the end of the summer just before I go back to school. Ted surprised me that first day.

He had made two sales out of four presentations and I was amazed at his quiet and gentle ease in closing the sales. On his fifth presentation, it appeared to me that the woman was about ready to buy. Then suddenly Ted packed up his books, thanked her for her courtesy and left. I asked him why he didn't close the sale. I felt I could have talked the woman into buying, but was impressed that Ted was satisfied and willing to let it go. He was always a perfect gentleman, a person of honor and integrity. He didn't need to close every single sale. Let me tell you about another salesperson who sells a lot of insurance without pressure.

I have been doing business with Herb Kristal for 30 years and would not consider buying my insurance from anyone else. In fact, Herb has now retired and turned the business over to Steve Krochmal who is giving us the same kind of low-pressure, high-service performance that his mentor provided. Herb and Steve both go to extraordinary lengths to do exhaustive research before they ever come to talk to me about my insurance. When they sit down with me, they talk to me about my needs, my finances, my goals and my dreams.

The sales presentation is now merely a culmination of previous talks. We have already had a meeting of the minds and have reached conceptual agreement on what I need. Thus, they do not have a one-plan-fits-all approach.

They come to the presentation with a carefully-planned prospectus on my situation. It is very impressive, and by the time we are done, it is quite easy to say "yes. I have used them for business insurance as well as personal insurance.


I have devoted an entire chapter to them later in the book. One of my " Savage " businesses was a school fund raising company called IFS. My two partners were Mike Rippey and Dennis Snyder. The three of us always stayed "in the trenches" calling on schools, even after we had built up a sales force of over people. We had an excellent brochure and a highly-motivating prize program.

Schools that sold our jewelry made lots of money. Back in the early days, when it was just the three of us, we discovered that the worst person to talk to in a high school was the principal. If we talked to the principal, the response was always the same: "Great idea. Leave your card. If anyone is interested, we will give you a call. But who needed the money? In the high schools, it was usually the band or one of the athletic teams. So whom did we go see? Of course! The band director!

Or the coach!

Now, here is how we closed the sale without pressure: we did not try to get the band director to say, "Yes, we will do it. We talked about how quick and easy it was.

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But then, instead of saying, "Do you want to do it? What time is band practice? When we showed it to the kids, they always liked it and the band director got excited. Usually, they started the sale that very same day. We had enormous success. If you are selling a product that is going to be used by the plant manager, go see that person. Don't go to the purchasing manager.