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What many thinkers failed to foresee, however, is that this would create a vacuum of meaning , one that, despite considerable scientific and technological progress, still persists in large measure today. Even after the Enlightenment, religion continued to operate as the primary counterforce to the mechanistic worldview of science, but others would arise as well. Among these were the existentialists , who espoused that the meaningful life was not limited to religious believers, as the individual could find ways of cultivating his own meaning.

Kierkegaard and Nietzsche in particular hoped to create a sense of meaning and purpose of an almost religious nature, but without the trappings of traditional religion.

Another counterforce to the scientific worldview is post-modernism, which is closely allied with social constructionism. Post-modernists are skeptical of our capacity to know things with objective certainty and thus consider all truth claims—be they religious, scientific, or otherwise—to be tenuous constructions of the human mind.

Taken together, story-telling, religion, existentialism, and post-modernism certainly more could be added to this list can be seen as paving the way for our notion of self-creation.

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What is common to them all is:. I say this because our self-conceptions are not merely founded on facts, but also on fictions and ideals. That said, there is bound to be disagreement regarding where to draw the line between discovering and creating ourselves. In my view, such disagreements stem largely from personality differences.

Those with a more analytic or scientific mindset may favor self-discovery, while those who view the self as more fluid and amenable to interpretation may emphasize self-creation. Despite the apparent value and necessity of both approaches, it seems that we in the scientific West often fail to give self-creation its proper due and may thus be perpetuating the vacuum of meaning of modern life.

Social benchmarks are totally irrelevant when it comes to individuals in this 21st century, which, I think, will allow new generations to claim more ownership of their lives and existential choices. Millenials are setting the trend, but who knows what subsequent generations will do? Self discovery is empowering, but you can easily get lost in the abyss of self discovery.

Antecedents to the Self-Creation Concept

We do need both, but I favour self creation because time would never allow us to make a complete and comprehensive self discovery. Even if we could, it would be too late to effect the change we need in our lives. I found it very clarifying and I can relate to it. Everything turns into patterns.. I look forward to your posts and I enjoyed reading this one. My thoughts are that the core self can perhaps not be known in stillness, but in movement, through the ways in which it manifests, how it acts and interacts. However, when we get past all our psychological and emotional selves, we realize that our only true self is our self-awareness.

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