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About to sit back down to finish off those emails but my partner grabs me at the last minute — he wants to demo a new app to a client. The emails will have to wait. This means everything from setting up the AV to giving a live demo of the app.

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Client presentation goes off without a hitch. Within a global firm such as ours, there is so much happening at any one time, and this quickly becomes clear over lunchtime conversation.

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Those emails need answering now. Most of the work I do as a junior revolves around reading, researching, managing correspondence and reviewing and re-reviewing drafts, but I also get to take the first crack at basic drafting tasks from time to time.


As I am in a regulatory team versus a transactional or litigious team , we generally deal with a greater number of smaller matters. One of my tasks and challenges as a junior is keeping track of all the matters going on and helping team members respond to deadlines.

Mentoring coffee with a manager in my team. I am currently in my second rotation in our Sydney office, and actually did my first rotation in the Melbourne office.

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The opportunity to work between two offices has been a great opportunity to experience two cities and two offices all with the same employer. Back to the desk. Churning through that backlog of reviewing and writing tasks. I have an app-building task and an article.


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Even if it winds up settling on the courthouse steps, he is ready to walk up those steps at any time. He is also noted as possessing "superior trial savvy, with a clinical, strategic approach that is never a bulldog-tantrum approach. It's more a street-fighter-meets-master-chess-player approach. Lead trial counsel for U. Steel Canada in which the court provided a fundamentally revised test for the distinction between debt and equity. Lead litigation counsel, representing U.

Blake's Go Guides: Law And You

Following a technologically advanced cross-border trial before Canadian and US Courts, the allocation between Nortel's bondholders, pensioners, suppliers and former employees is the first international insolvency case in which the proceeds from a sale of assets have been allocated to separate bankruptcy estates in different countries according to the claims of creditors.

Representing Nortel's U. Representing TransCanada in a high-profile dispute with the Government of Ontario over the cancellation of the Oakville power plant. Defending CP Ships in a cross-border securities class action, including developing a strategy that led to the U.

Acting as lead counsel on a bilateral investment treaty case for Encana Corporation against the Government of Ecuador before the London Court of International Arbitration.