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At least they used to be, in part.

Knee-slapper humor was-wide spread in Germany for quite a while. They produced sketches many of which had a sexual twist while being prudish at the same time. The young generation was not really amused since those shows were dusty.

Two Night Stand (German Edition) by Ki-Ela Stories

Sure, there were a few exceptions. He became one of the most important German humorists during the s and played a big role during the last five decades of the 20th century. He might have been the most multifaceted jester ever. Not only did he record countless TV sketches, but he drew figures, wrote texts for them and turned them into books and cartoons, which became very popular.

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He also made full-length motion pictures that made many Germans laugh. All generations know his material. Loriot, who was born in the beautiful town of Brandenburg an der Havel located close to Berlin, made fun of himself, but also of everyone else.

He held up a mirror to the Germans and showed them their little flaws. Luckily, he did not forget the big ones either.

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In one of his classic sketches, a man is turning an elegant living room into rubble while he tries to straighten a picture on the wall. In another, a very similar character, played by Loriot himself, is trying to tell a lady he loves her during a romantic candlelight dinner, with a noodle stuck on his nose. Wolfgang Trepper, yet another gifted humorist, comes up with a unique mix which involves the American stand-up comedy approach, political satire and insult comedy nobody else in Germany delivers.

More and more female stand-up comedians are invading stages as well.

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One excellent example is Caroline Kebekus. On stage, she talks about real life, including farting ladies and other taboo subjects, but also deals with macho types, the emancipation and what it has lead to. With Caroline Kebekus, comedy meets social criticism and provocation. Both shows are very well made. Bean from the United Kingdom. Until , there was one humorous concept from the United States which had not yet been successfully adapted in Germany.

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  • It was only a matter of time until the right person was going to launch a comparable website in Germany. That person turned out to be Stefan Sichermann who worked for an advertising agency when that spontaneous idea came to him. A few years later, it had become a full-time job. The whole thing was literally exploding. Running a satirical news site and making it successful is a thin red line in the sense that developing just the right kind of humor is essential.

    It should be stupid, but in an intelligent way. A Russian media organization believed the article was accurate and spread it all over the place. At Ikea, a lady had only purchased the one item she had wanted to buy.

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